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Who is AdROI? Our background is online marketing If we find a shop who can show us their profits compared to the marketing cost, we analyze and then we will create a campaign for the shop and negotiating our commission. If the commission is then enough to still make big profits, we involve our agency network to promote this shop or product/s. One of our secrets is how to build a campaign more effective, than the shops could do themselves. What is the best strategy to make the most out of AdROI? Spread your money through different projects to have more stable results and make your friends join too, because you will earn commissions from every earning of your friends and you can build up your income very quick. Soon we do this for you! Where did AdROI evolve from? Our business was to sell data to dropshopper and other online sellers. F.e. what product is trending and how much was the last cost to advertise and sell it. Many of our clients made a lot of money with our data and then we decided to bring valuable data and investment into one package. Today we don’t sell the data anymore, we use it ourselves. How do you find products that are good to make profits? We monitor through our partner network more than 130.000 products. Nearly in real time we know how much money our partners needed to sell this product (marketing cost). In our database we check if the marketing cost is lower than our possible commission. If this is all „green“ we add this product to one of our projects and you can buy shares of it. After i bought my shares, how long will it take to see the first profits? If your share is at least 1 day old, sometimes 2 days you will be part of the profit sharing. Profits for projects will be paid 2-4 times a week to all shareholders. How long are you guys in the business for? We are doing profitable marketing since 2017 after a long time of getting better and better, then selling data and today we bring it all together as a wonderful package to make passive income possible for everyone. You are online only since May 2020, how could people have invested before? We are aware that most of the new clients we have, come from a group of around 70 clients participating in our offline beta test. AdROI worked with offline databases to test our software since March 2019. We only had 1 project at a time but we were generating already 3-5% per week for our early clients. What is the minimum profit per week that i can expect? That is a good question and most answers will get us into trouble. We have to say that past results are not relevant to predict the future. What we can say for sure is, that we never had week under 4% profit since our system upgrade in 2017, the best campaign we ever had was by selling RC toys, the marketing cost per product were only about 4$ and we made more than 15$ each. The profit here was nearly 200% after all cost deducted in only 12 weeks time (whole timeframe) Have you ever experienced losses? Yes, of course, then and when we get into campaigns too late when they already fading. But the losses were never fundamental, If we see a campaign is fading profits, we cover that by adding other products, that are still in trend. But in general we build a new project and don't sell the weak anymore. Are you transparent about your campaigns? Yes, we are, we give you as much information as we can. For each campaign deal we are creating a new package of shares. The shares will generate profit as long as the campaign is active. After that you can sell your shares and buy new shares of another campaign, we recommend to always spread your money through as much campaigns as possible to have the most stable results. If the profits from your share is dropping, you are able to sell the share back to us and get a fresh package. How long can a campaign be profitable? Sometimes a package can be permanently profitable. We can manage it by adding „fresh“ products that are more profitable to optimize the average outcome. If a package is totally decreasing the profits, we swap the whole package for a new one. You will „feel“ the profitability of the shares by checking the weekly profits. Are you able to predict any profits? Yes, somehow, we are testing the campaigns but unlike any other investment strategy, our tests are really an indicator for the real results. We are ALLWAYS performing a test before we offer shares of a campaign and the results are presented in the share description. Our expectations are quite accurate most of the times. But we are not allowed to promise any outcome. But the test results are an indicator for the average runtime. Do you offer debit cards for the profits to withdraw? Yes, we will, but we are not allowed in the current company setup. We will have at least the VISA Card available but most certainly also the Master and Visa in a double pack. Additional to this process, we prepared for a real „Credit“ card from Mastercard. We are working on a solution to connect our backoffice directly to the cards to make you able to pay with your account balance directly. Until the setup for the debit cards are ready, we are looking for a 3rd party solution. Why there is a project-share selling fee? We pay a commission if someone is buying a share of a project of around 8%, we have to make sure that nobody is cheating the system by selling and buying new all the time. But we don’t take the fee away in our pockets, we add this to the winnings again and on the long run you will get it back. Can i always cancel my investment and take the money out? Yes, of course, some shares will have a fixed runtime, others will be open, keep in mind a withdraw will take up to 72 hours, but if you want i.e. to change from one project to another, you can simply sell your shares and then get directly new shares without waiting time. Are there any fees involved Yes, we have a 8-10% selling fee on each share. That means you should wait at least as long as you get 10% profit out of the share before you sell it. This is a security buffer for us to have enough time to reduce the campaigns for the amount that is taken out. But, this might change in the near future, our plan is to make it possible to sell the shares to other users and then you have a very small fee for that and if you sell to another user, our system won't be affected. Are my profits immediately available to withdraw? Yes, as soon as the profits are booked in. The withdraw process will take only up to 72 hours but in most cases just a few hours. How can I change my password? You can change your password directly from your members area by editing it in your personal profile. Do you have a support team? Yes, we do, our support team is always available via email and shortly we implement a 24/7 chat support system to help you in case you need help. Are there any investment limits? Yes, we have to limit the shares per campaign, the efficiency of each campaign can drop anytime. As soon as this happens, we stop selling these shares and focus on new campaigns. In general the market is huge, multi billions, but we only focus on those products that are giving really good returns. That means the total market is much smaller than billions but it is still a lot of millions we can grow into. Our current marketing budget per month is about 3-5 million US$ and has much more potential. Where is your company located? Our main company base is in Malaysia (changed from Hong Kong) but our roots are in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Germany. In the moment it looks like the best solution. In the legal world the things are changing so fast, especially in the investment business. Our main focus is to be a fully regulated institutional investment entity but on the way to that status we have to go through some cooperations with other institutions. How do you calculate the profits? Obviously there is more involved as the simple formula turnover minus cost = profit. We have to pay our network or we have to share the profits with the supplier of the data or the shop itself. Also we have to deduct our own profits and costs of the affiliate system. If our test result has a net profit of min. 4% a week that doesn't mean that if the conversion drops we can only provide less, it just means we have to pay less for data and the net profit can still remain on being 4%. By the end of the campaign we always manage to be in profit and mostly we naturally perform better in the real campaigns than in the test campaign. But generally speaking we always keep our promises. How do you share your profits? If we get a commission payment from a campaign, we deduct our cost and fees and then we share the amount to all share owners equally. This is done mostly 3 times a week. How do you secure the funds against hacker and other fraud? We can’t obviously pay and setup campaigns with Bitcoin alone. Most of payments are done by credit card, but we also cooperate with agencies that are accepting bitcoin. So the relation is CC/BTC 60%/40%. If you send bitcoins, they sometimes are transferred directly to the agency wallets and confirmed only a few minutes later, this is mostly to top up campaigns and be able to pay you the profits already a few days later. We also keep bitcoins with payment providers that are funding our credit cards to book campaigns i.e. on facebook. Also we use always different BTC addresses, we change them. We use different ones again for higher payments than for small payments. Small payments can just stay in the hot wallet sometimes for withdrawals. In that way we doing the least possible transfers. Are you only accepting Bitcoin for payments? Yes, our setup is build on bitcoin, if we would accept other payment methods, we would have to change it ourself into bitcoin after that, this process would take too much time and we would loose valuable days to create profits. We can’t take credit card payments because it takes too long for us to get the funds cleared. It would mean that you pay your share and we have to wait weeks until we have the funds physically available.

Are you a registered investment company? We are in the process of building an investment opportunity with our bank as a cooperation, this would be our first step in our timeline to become a regulated investment company. We would not be allowed to talk about profits that we can not guarantee. Currently we are building a track record of our activities and scale up to be able to step into the next level. Our Hong Kong and Malaysia company is still in the setup process including a financial market license. However until the setup is ready, we are operating legally as a „private investor community“ what allows us to stay online. Once we are ready with the whole setup, we will do the necessary shift, but this can take up to 18 month (end 2021)