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Please read the following rules carefully before signing in.

YES, i am in a legal age to participate.

YES, i know i can invite friends and family to AdROI and i can participate from their involvement.

YES, i agree that all internal information given is to be kept private.

YES, i agree that i am only allowed to talk about my personal experience with AdROI online and in public and i am not allowed to promise and results that are unrealistic.

YES, i agree that AdROI could change the commissions on the affiliate program any time and also AdROI is allowed to change the rules and adjust them to new circumstances that may coming in regards or debit cards or regulations we have to face.

I acknowledge that until the full registration as a financial service provider adroi.me is a private community. Adroi.me is not responsible for the amount of profits made on the shares but on the value of the share itself. If you buy a share it is your responsibility to sell it back to us, if the profits are not acceptable anymore. adroi.me will always buy the share back at the price you paid for it.